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Smart factory steel structure information system

Product description

Product introduction:
This software is an information management software based on cloud technology architecture, suitable for steel bar centralized processing and distribution enterprises. Including the management of the demand release, task allocation, processing and reporting, warehousing and distribution of steel products. It can be docked with the rebar sampler software, and can also realize data interconnection with rebar processing equipment, which can greatly reduce the workload of sampler and processing personnel. At the same time, the software also provides functions such as custom steel bar graphics, material plate printing, distribution list printing, responsibility tracing and statistical reports.
5. C/S architecture cloud bill of materials entry, simplifying business processes and preventing errors
6. Digital production scheduling management to improve management efficiency
7. Make distribution simple and prevent material waste and construction delay
8. The whole process of raw materials + processing is traced back to effectively prevent quality accidents
9. Real-time monitoring of the processing progress, the whole process of the processing is visible and clear at a glance
10. The system is authorized by roles to ensure data security isolation

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