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Bolt processing intelligent management system

Product description

      CABR intelligent production management system, with materials, production management as the core, with the help of Industrial Internet of things, cloud computing and other technical means, ERP and MES integration, to achieve remote order management, production tasks digital scheduling, production orders network distribution, raw materials, finished products digital warehousing and other integrated management. Complete the interconnection of systems and equipment, to create an intelligent production engine. Through the intelligent management system to achieve the dynamic real-time monitoring of orders, the overall operation of the entire state of the overall monitoring of the processing plant; Through the information system to grasp the real-time changes in sales orders, production tasks, production progress, quality inspection status, inventory, order distribution and other content; Finally, the whole process of information flow and physical flow of production, materials and equipment can be monitored. Through the use of the intelligent system, can improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve the rate of raw materials, to achieve business less people, paperless.

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