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In order to improve the company's popularity, give full play to the publicity function of the Internet, and provide a better service exchange platform for our customers, the official website of cabr inforrmation technology co.,ltd. was officially launched on December 18, 2020. The website is .cn. The company website is a comprehensive platform for our company to publish relevant information and provide online services on the Internet. Main columns such as "Product Center, Engineering Cases, News, About Us, Service Support, Contact Us" were initially set up.
We look forward to your attention and look forward to your support. Welcome new and old customers to give more valuable opinions, we sincerely hope that the Quartet VIPs will come to our company for negotiation. If you have any questions, please call our company: 0316-2274237.
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cabr inforrmation technology co.,ltd.
December 18, 2021