Company profile


      Kaibo Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kaibo Information" and "Company") is a wholly-owned subsidiary (a third-level central enterprise) of Beijing Institute of Construction Mechanization Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Construction Research Institute. Intelligent control system development, construction elevator rental and other businesses.
      Kaibo Information currently has 47 employees. Among them: 1 researcher, 4 senior engineers, 2 engineers; other types of work are fully equipped, and all have obtained various          qualification certificates issued by the centralized management department.
      1. Informatization business and products
      The company's informatization team participated in the drafting and formulation of national standards such as construction elevators, undertook the research and development tasks of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Support Plan, National Key Research and Development Plan and other projects, and was committed to the development of construction equipment. Informatization, intelligent system research and development, building component factory processing intelligent technology and equipment research, etc. At present, the company's information products mainly include:
      (1) The field of intelligent control of construction machinery and equipment: tower crane safety monitoring system, construction elevator safety monitoring system; tower crane video auxiliary system; group tower anti-collision system; tower crane remote unmanned system; window cleaning machine safety monitoring system; shield Institutional information management system; Internet of things platform for safety supervision of construction machinery and equipment. 
      (2) Smart construction site field: smart construction site project-level platform system, personnel real-name management system, intelligent AI personnel behavior recognition system (wearing helmets, safety ropes, wearing reflective clothing, prohibited access to dangerous areas, fireworks identification, etc.); construction sites Dust and noise monitoring system; construction site energy monitoring system; unloading platform safety monitoring system; vehicle access monitoring system; construction process supervision, high support formwork safety monitoring system, deep foundation pit safety monitoring system, etc.