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Hook blind spot visualization video surveillance system

Product description

Product introduction:
Hook Blind Spot Visualization Video Surveillance System is a visualization system developed for the tower crane driver's visual blind spot, blurred long-distance vision and unclear vision at night, and displays the working conditions around the hook to the tower crane driver in the form of real-time video. Help the driver to make the correct judgment quickly and accurately and carry out the correct operation.
1. The system adopts high-definition display, 2 million pixel star-level camera, 18x zoom camera, and the image is clearly visible.
2. The system collects real-time height and automatically zooms and zooms in linkage, and the effective monitoring distance is more than 150 meters.
2. The system can be equipped with hard disk video recording function, which can view historical video, add multi-channel video, and connect to the platform remotely.
3. It can display the height of the hook and the current current and power.

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