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Unloading platform monitoring and alarm system

Product description

Product introduction:
The unloading platform safety monitoring and early warning system is developed for the safety hazards such as difficult supervision of the unloading platform at the construction site, serious overloading and ignorance. . The hardware consists of sensors, hosts, cables, lithium batteries, chargers, etc. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, simple debugging, stable performance and accurate alarm, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and solve the blind area of unloading platform safety management.
1. Display the weight in real time, which can display the weight of the main wire rope of the unloading platform in real time.
2. Real-time safety monitoring, alarm when the real-time weight exceeds the rated load to prevent overloading.
3. Using the dual battery scheme, the lithium battery can be charged both by battery and solar energy.

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