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Double jib crane monitoring and management system

Product description

The system is specially designed for double-jib tower cranes. In addition to the monitoring functions of load capacity, height, amplitude and rotation angle, it can also comprehensively judge the unbalanced working state of the system to ensure safety. The system mainly includes hook weight sensor, hook amplitude sensor, hook height sensor, counterweight amplitude sensor, wind speed sensor, relay control box, rotation angle sensor, main box and display;
1. Record the whole working process of the tower crane (16,000 working cycles can be stored continuously), the manager can transfer this data and use it as the basis for the inspection, overhaul and accident judgment of the tower crane.
2. Judging the operation instructions of the driver, it can automatically refuse to execute the instructions beyond the capacity of the tower crane, and at the same time issue an audible and visual alarm and record the corresponding working parameter data in the violation file.
3. Monitor the working parameters of the tower crane with liquid crystal display, so that the driver can intuitively understand the working state of the tower crane, make correct operations, and avoid misoperation and overloading.
4. Function settings can be set, with parameter self-recovery function, etc.
5. Use CAN communication to transmit data to ensure high-speed, safe and reliable data transmission.
6. Non-contact measurement technology greatly facilitates installation and prolongs service life.
7. High positioning and measurement accuracy, making the work judgment more accurate.
8. The structure of the monitoring system is compact and reasonable, the space required is small, the wiring is simple, and the installation and debugging are convenient.
9. The operation function is powerful and advanced. The monitoring system fully considers the various needs of users when designing, and aims to be safe, practical and user-friendly, so that the user's on-site debugging is simple and fast.
10. The control signal of this system is connected in series to the original safety circuit of the tower crane control system, the original safety device of the tower crane is retained, and the double protection measures make the tower crane work more reliable.

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