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Safety monitoring device of cylinder crane for electric construction

Product description

Product introduction:
The TSCMS02 product produced by our company is easy to install, practical and convenient. The sensor adopts non-contact type with outstanding anti-interference ability and good stability.
1. Real-time display: Real-time display of current working parameters in graphics and numerical values, including lifting weight, torque, amplitude, turning angle and lifting height (the graphic is the rated lifting characteristic curve of the tower crane)
2. Critical alarm: when the lifting weight and lifting torque exceed 90% of the rated value, an audible and visual alarm is automatically issued;
3. Overload power failure: When the rated load is exceeded, the system will automatically cut off the working power in the dangerous direction, forcing the termination of the illegal operation;
4. Data record download: meet the full working parameter record of GB/T5031-2008, and can use U disk for data download;
5. Stand-alone area limitation: The hook can be prevented from entering the restricted working area through preset parameters, and the function of avoiding fixed obstacles can be realized;
6. Remote management: The working data of the tower crane can be transmitted through the wireless network and the Internet, and can be viewed and managed in real time through authorization.
7. The lifting weight sensor has three-pulley type, pin-shaft type and pull-plate type and other installation forms. It is suitable for various types of tower cranes; non-contact angle, height and inclination sensors have high weight accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, Long service life and more convenient installation; all parameter settings are password-protected to prevent unauthorized changes; the system has a self-checking function, manual removal or any sensor damage will limit the entire machine.

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