Dust and Noise Monitoring System

Product description

Product introduction:
The online dust and noise monitoring system can continuously and automatically monitor various dust monitoring areas and acoustic environment functional areas of construction sites. Data is transmitted by wire or wirelessly. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple design, high cost performance, high integration of multi-parameters, and convenient installation. It is a comprehensive dust and noise monitoring system integrating data monitoring, collection, real-time display, statistical analysis, early warning and alarm functions.
1. Integrated design of dust and noise monitoring, and expandable meteorological parameters to achieve comprehensive environmental monitoring;
2. Rainproof and dustproof shell and double-layer protection chassis design, safe and secure;
3. Data collection, transmission and statistical analysis functions, which can automatically generate statistical reports
4. The optional functions are complete, and modules such as weather, solar power system, and LED display signboard can be flexibly selected in any combination;

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